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I have always believed that simpler is better than complex

My name is Marguerite Mcleod-Fleming, I am the principal of Innovation Culture Group and also the principal of Be An
I was inspired to bring the System Inventive Thinking model into the classroom after having witnessed firsthand how students were able to quickly see possibilities to invent new products and services that could actually become true innovations.

Systemic Inventive Thinking at its core was based on a deconstruction of how inventors came up with ideas by Genrich Altshuller in 1946. He reviewed over 250,000 and came up with templates that we use consciously or subconsciously to develop new innovative ideas. Systemic Inventing Thinking (SIT) distills the initial base of templates to 5 that account for roughly 70% of all new inventions.

The elegance of the SIT Inventive-Thinking System

The elegance of the SIT model is that it is sophisticated enough to be in use with thousands of companies around the world but simple enough to be understood and applied by 8 year olds. 

Simply put, most innovation or invention techniques require you to start with the problem first. The only problem is that in real life, we start with what we have and try to adapt it to solve our problems afterwards. When we start off trying to solve problems, our ability to be creative is diminished as all possibilities are potentially viable. 

Systemic Inventive Thinking suggests that the best innovations are within close range of the original product/service – we just need to break our fixed thinking to see it.
I am excited to bring these solutions to educators who are looking for new, exciting and real-world creative problem-solving techniques to teach inventive thinking skills to students.

Please join us by downloading your free Invention vs. Innovation Worksheet and please request our Free 5-Part How To Be An Inventor program.

We love feedback and would love to hear from you about your experiences and if we can add anything to the programs.


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